These original paintings are currently available from my online store -


I have a variety of prints available including signed prints, canvas prints, note cards, and mounted prints at a number of online locations:

    This is my online store and where I list my original paintings, as well as signed prints and note cards.
    This is an online auction and listing site. I auction my studies here. I usually list my studies Saturday mornings.
    One of the biggest sites for prints on all sorts of materials. I list a variety prints, note cards and textiles here.
  • Dia Noche Designs
    A variety of printed textiles including shower curtains, blankets, pillows and more!
  • Charting Creations
    Unique counted cross-stitch patterns and kits.
    Art Calendar at
    One of the biggest handmade indie sites around; I have been listing my work here since 2005! :) Signed prints and note cards.
    You can find reproductions and unique home decor items featuring my work on